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2017-11-17Looking for new distributorsTiedoteWe intend to expand and strengthen our existing distribution and sales network and are looking for new distributors worldwide. If you are interested in selling high quality car body repair equipment of Autorobot, please contact us.
2017-10-121000th Autorobot EzCalipre measuring device to FinlandTiedoteAt the beginning of September, Autorobot Finland Oy delivered its 1000th EzCalipre measuring device to Finland. Risto Venäläinen from Autorobot Finland Oy is responsible for the operator training of the device at the time of delivering the device to LänsiAuto Oy’s bodywork workshop in Vantaa. The patented EzCalipre measuring device can quickly and cost-effectively carry out almost all 2/3D measuring of vehicles’ bodywork, and it can be used to obtain width, length and height dimensions.
2010-07-02Mechanical 2D measuring tram from AutorobotUutinenAutorobot Finland has developed a new mechanical 2D measuring tram that is suitable for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition, for repair and damage documentation. Mechanical measuring tram performs several special functions that speed up work at the body shop: symmetry measuring, cross measuring and distance and width measuring.
2009-12-31NEW: Satellite straightening setUutinenThe modular Satellite straightening set is designed for bodyshops who want to be the best in their field and make a good profit. The modules of the Satellite straightening set are made of the best material and can handle the strongest vehicle structures without trouble. The inexpensive Satellite set is a very economical solution because of its versatile use. Several types of accessories can be attached to the moulded, rotating straightening arm.
2009-04-21New straightening set for collision damaged vehiclesUutinenAutorobot Finland Oy has developed a straightening set for reaching the ideal straightening lines even better than before. Achieving the ideal straightening line reduces the number of straightening pulls, thus speeding up the straightening work.

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