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2016-09-13NEW Quick bench/liftUutinenThe newest innovation of Autorobot is officially launched now! It is a quick bench/lift combination. Please see the press release below for more infomation.



Autorobot C2 Quick bench/lift
Autorobot Finland Oy has developed the lift/car body bench Autorobot C2, which makes car body work substantially faster. The advantage of the new system is the fact that it works in almost all car body work and, in addition, as a car lift in e.g. equipping the car after it has undergone paintwork. Versatile user applications, work efficiency and ergonomics are combined in the Autorobot C2.

The new system is significantly different from the previous Autorobot collision repair systemís B-series, due to which it has been given a new generation name; C2. The system has two different mounting methods, in which both use the same mounting frame. The first method is to fasten the vehicle in the traditional way from the pinch weld. Alternatively, for cars that do not have a pinch weld, fastening takes place from the upper part of the rocker panel, which is strong enough in modern cars. Fastening at the upper part of the rocker panel is substanially quicker than mounting at the pinch weld, because it avoids the removal and installation of the pinch weldís plastic cover, which is often present in modern cars. In the Autorobot C2, fastening the car has also been made faster by the ready-to-use beams. The beams are always in the correct location and ready for the carís chassis fastener, in which case the slow installation of jig sets or other clamping equipment can be avoided. There is a patent pending for this new vehicle fastening method.

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