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2012-09-10New, remarkable innovation: Autorobot B30 Frame machineUutinenAutorobot Finland has developed a new collision repair system for modern strong car body structures. This machine has a hydraulically functioning straightening bed, which makes vehicle straightening quicker and easier. The hydraulic straightening bed is equipped with seven hydraulic cylinders of which five are double acting ones. All cylinders are wirelessly controlled (remote control) from control panel.Fast mounting of the vehicle is achieved with this hydraulic straightening bed, as the sill clamps can be moved according to the length of the vehicle just by pressing the button in control panel. The same hydraulic technique changes the length of the straightening bench according to the length of the vehicle. Additionally it allows quick fastening of full frame vehicles and the ones without the pinch weld by using counter support principal.

In this new Autorobot B30 collision repair system we use a 2D straightening and our patented pull/push straightening technique that has gained popularity among car mechanics with our previous bench models. Autorobot B30 is available in 380V with a 3 t lifting capacity or as special order in 220V, for 4 t vehicles. The straightening tower gives a 10 t pulling and 6 t pushing force.

Autorobot B30 includes a space saving hydraulic/PC-Cabinet combination. Placing hydraulic unit into cabinet makes service work easier. There are two shelves in the upper part of the cabinet suitable e.g. for measuring tools. A laptop including car fastening and measuring data base can be placed very handy on top of the cabinet.

Autorobot B30 machine is recommended for forerunner body shops that deal with vehicles with demanding damages.
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