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2010-07-02Mechanical 2D measuring tram from AutorobotUutinenAutorobot Finland has developed a new mechanical 2D measuring tram that is suitable for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition, for repair and damage documentation. Mechanical measuring tram performs several special functions that speed up work at the body shop: symmetry measuring, cross measuring and distance and width measuring.Measuring tramís technique is supported by Autorobotís own unique measuring software that includes very comprehensive vehicle data files of approximately 60 reference points of chassis and body per vehicle. The measurements are taken between the measuring targets and the results are entered in the computer into the measuring software, of which the information is saved in the data base. The measuring data files include the measuring targets with measuring data together with instructive photos, which helps the user to identify the measuring target in practice. Additionally, the measuring data sheet shows the tool to be used for the vehicle point in question. With mechanical 2D measuring tram the quality of the entire vehicle body can be checked easily and to print out the document that tells the measuring results and differences compared to reference values. This quality check/measuring document is very important for the customer and insurance companies.
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