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2012-09-13New product: Trolley for moving car/motorUutinenAutorobot Finland has developed a trolley for moving car/motor that functions with new technique and allows a vehicle to be moved inside the body shop as well as outside on even ground. The vehicle can be moved e.g. from the body shop yard directly onto the straightening bench.
The vehicle is lifted on the trolley by lifting one edge at the time by using the floor jack after which the trolley is installed underneath the vehicle. The vehicle is attached to the trolley from the wheels or if not wheels, the vehicle can also be attached e.g. from the control arm to the mounting plates by using the tightening sling. The trolley is equipped with special wheel forks that can be put also in vertical position allowing the trolley to function as an installation and transfer platform for motor or as a working platform for car windows, doors etc.

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