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2008-09-26New space saving lift/frame machine for car body repair - Autorobot B15UutinenAutorobot Finland has designed a new lift/frame machine combination for car body repair. This innovation allows straightening bench to be used also as a car lift. Change from the straightening bench to a lift takes place with a simple locking device and it can be done also after driving/pushing/winching the car onto the bench.Lift/frame machine functions with a 10 ton hydraulics and in straightening of small and large damages. The fastening time onto the bench is minimal making it tempting to be used also in repair of small damages. The equipment functions with remote control.

The lifting capacity of B15 is 1,5 meters and it functions as a lift in several jobs in the body shop, like damage analysis, straightening and measuring and disassembling/installing vehicle parts. The car can be lifted on wheels or on lift pads, leaving the wheels hanging free.

The lift/frame machine saves space, as the body shop does not need to acquire separate straightening bench and lift. The equipment also essentially improves working ergonomics and efficiency, when various jobs can be done in pleasant working height with maximal performance.

For those body shops that are lacking constant straightening work, it is important that the equipment can be used to mechanical repairs allowing almost 100% benefit to this multipurpose machine.

Autorobotís measuring systems and accessories work together with this new equipment.

The new system is patented.
Product site of the B15
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